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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Gypsy slave

My name is Yasmina and I am a slave. I know that when many people hear that word, they think, “Oh, poor thing!” I’m here to tell you, though, not to pity me. I can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather be.
I didn’t always think that way, of course. I was a regular kid growing up in a regular town in the U.S., on Earth. I was excited because I had just started my period for the first time and I was the only girl in my seventh grade class to do so. I felt so grown up. Then the slavers came. They took my entire class, all of us, even the teacher. I won’t talk about the trip here; I’ll only say that there were many screams and many tears and many prayers. None of it did us any good, though. We were taken to the Processing Center and put up for sale. I ran away before I could be bought. It was a bad idea.

My virginity was stolen by a demon who loved, more than anything, to hear me scream.

Throughout the years here, I’ve had many Masters. Most all of them have taught me, trained me. Sometimes I learned the hard way, sometimes the easy way. Towards the end, I was sold to a man who gambled. Most nights I ended up being the ante, then the pot and, needless to say, being a poker chip gives a girl plenty of time to learn to adapt. I had eleven Masters in one month. I was good and never tried to run away, but it was confusing.
After being sold back here in the city, I met my father. Of course, he bought me immediately, as any good father would. We had a wonderful time together and soon I became pregnant. It was an exciting, magical time in my life. But things didn’t work out for us and mostly it was my fault. I was so used to being a slave that being a daughter felt wrong to me. I felt empty inside, like I wasn’t fulfilling my higher purpose. I left. Daddy sold me to the Dark Tower at my request and I stayed there happily for months. But after a while, the baby inside got too big and I got too tired and something had to give.

That’s when Master came into my life in a big way.

I knew Master’s slave, we were kind of friends. She found me one day on a break from the Tower. I was crying, afraid of what to do. I had just about decided to run into the woods with the baby and try to raise it there. But she talked to Him, and He agreed to let me stay with them, at the Kumpania, as a guest. He would let me have my baby there and then we would just “see what happens”. I trusted Him, as I had known Him for a long time, through His slave mostly and I moved in.

That was the best and most important day of my life.

(To be continued)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


like i said, i'm a pitslave.

some might still find that strange, even after reading what i meant by it. but that's what i am, and this is how good it feels, and then maybe you'll understand:

mistress comes for me in the morning while traci and i are in each other's arms. we're so slippery wet still. waking up in the middle of the night and comforting each other spreads a lot of sweet honey around on golden hot skin.

we need that more than anything.

but now, mistress is standing there in her high heels with whip. she is naked and beautiful; an older, stern, governess full of absolute love and cruelty.

she knows what my body and my mind need even before i do, and she gives it to me. there is no safeword because she knows my limits better than myself, and i'm a slave.

real slaves - real slave girls - don't have safewords. that's her line, but i believe it now.

i come out of the cage and present myself, thighs spread wide, wrists locked behind my neck, back straight and looking up. she doesn't want slaves to look down - she wants to see the shame and humiliation in their beautiful eyes...especially when we service with our mouths.

i lean my head back and lean forwards and greet her by suckle-kissing her anus softly, tonguing lovingly. slaves don't have to speak greetings. their debasement is greeting enough. if it pleases, she strokes my cheek. if it doesn't, she strokes my cheek and adds another punishment on for the day. she doesn't have to beat me because just touching me will make me beg for mercy anyway. her loving smile can make my mind shatter and plead for a thousand years.

she strokes my cheek.

did she enjoy my greeting? i won't know until later. it isn't my place to know. my place is to suffer and serve and think only about slave sex.

her finger curls lightly around my D-ring in my collar and she guides me gently to the rack. i kiss it gently, tasting the sweat from a girl who was on it all last night, tasting her cum and her tears. i know who it was just from the taste. poor melissa...but lucky too. deep down, i wish it had been me.

then, i lie down on the rack spread eagle. my golden body glistens and i know my mistress is pleased. my body pleases her so much. that's why she loves me to model for magazines and pictorials. that's how she found me...because i was modeling and she saw what i was in my eyes and touched my cheek once on the set to have me break right there.

it was a beautiful moment, like now.

i shiver, my nipples so hard and my pussy glistening in the light. she walks around me, inspecting me without touching. she knows i want to touch myself right now, but i can't. now she'll do the touching when she wants to.

'do a full arch, slave. up on your hands and feet, breasts in the air, slave.' she says quietly.

i instantly comply. i'm young, i'm athletic, and i bend easily after so much training. so there i am, a full arch, my platinum blonde hair hanging down to the rack, my body straining and trembling, breasts thrust upwards, pussy spread wide to expose it. naked and vulnerable.

her hands chain my cuffs to the rack chains and i moan, whimpering. i may be athletic, but holding a full arch this long is so very, very, hard. she pulls my ankles apart even more, making the strain even harder before chaining them down. i'm helpless and shivering, and now i feel my juices leaking to my sensitive anus and down my thighs.

then, she lowers some hanging chains with clover clips. she snaps one on each nipple and i squeal softly, but i hold steady. and then, a special needle clip for my clit..crushing the tip and a needle sliding inside the tip just a bit.

i cry out and squirm already, but that pulls the clips harder, the clover clamps crushing my nipples even more and the needle sliding deeper inside my clit the more i pull on it, impaling my delicate nib. i start to sweat so hard as she presses a button and the winch starts to stretch my nipples and clit a full inch into the air - very, very slowly.

the needle slides deeper inside, impaling my clit, my nipples crushed by the clips more and more until the chains stop, forcing me to remain in a perfect arch. my lips tremble and i cry softly but i don't beg for mercy. this isn't torture for her. this is just setting me up.

this is soft love for a slave.

her voice is gentle as she straps my head to a tilted pillow, a wide and comfortable leather belt going across my forehead. she pushes my bangs gently away as she looks down at me and strokes my face 'you're my little pitslave today, slave. i wanted to reward you for comforting your slave sister.' she smiles at me and idly flicks a tormented nipple to show me her love. 'don't worry, slave...i won't torture you hard. i'll torture you....very hard.' she whispers so softly at me with that smile, knowing what i need.

i cry out a little as she says those words. i know that in a few hours, i'll be crawling to lick her anus so lovingly, begging to just be able to do that for the rest of my life as long as she stops giving me so much love. i can taste it already. perhaps i'll taste it sooner than i think.

she pulls on some special gloves - ticklers, she calls them, and it isn't what you think. long slender steel pointed fingernails wired to tens units in the wrists of each glove, they can make me squeal just from looking at them, feeling how naked i am. 'don't be afraid to cum during your tickling, slave. we wouldn't want you to hide your true feelings for your slavery to me, would we? that would be...lying...' she says and runs a sharp steel fingernail tip down one naked armpit so slowly.

there's no electricity but i give a high pitched girlish whine as i tremble. it tickles...there's no hiding how naked i am, displayed like this. i feel every single droplet of sweat on my glistening body, teasing and tickling me.

and now i'm going to have a real tickling.

i'm completely naked. the only time i ever feel this naked is when she does this to me. i want to pull my arms down and hide my underarms from her touch, but i know i can't. the more i squirm, the more cruel it is on my tender nibs. i'm forced to accept her touch completely and love it for what it is.

'please mistress...please don't do it for too long mistress...i promise i'll be such a good girl mistress, i promise i'll do anything you say and want mistress, please mistress...' i beg her softly, but my pussy drips even hotter. my body betrays my mind which will break in time.

she slides her hairy hot pussy to my lips and her anus...rubbing against my begging mouth as she switches on the fingernails, the electricity coursing through the sharp steel tips.

'oh already are doing what i want, slave: you're suffering in the torture which amuses me most right now. and as for begging me and being my dirty little slut, you'll do that whether i torture you or not, won't you...slave?' she purrs to herself and then...

...white hot lines of sizzling voltage rake down my tender armpits, making me automatically pull back so hard, pulling my nipples and clit harder than ever before as i scream into her pussy and anus, crying out so hard as my hands shakingly try to hold position. my body undulates and i orgasm. i've never felt so vulnerable. my tongue dives deep into her anus...choosing the
dirtiest and most humiliating place to beg, and i suckle so lovingly, my head strapped to that pillow enabling me to serve with my screams.

one finger lovingly caresses around my center pit in a spiral while another gently glides down my smooth side to my breast and back as i squeal again. my tongue shivers inside her anus, pleasuring her. i feel her juices leaking over my skin and i cry inside her hot and dirty tunnel. i orgasm again, merely seconds after my first one.

'you see, slave? i didn't even have to tell you how to beg. what a good little slave girl you're becoming.' she says gently to me as her fingers lightly flicker the tips in a tickling motion against my upper armpits. that makes it so hard to keep my arms up like this and she finds pleasure in those screams.

my body undulates, bucking in slow motion as i orgasm again, my nipples and clit suffering so very, very, hard. there is nothing i can do but accept and i know she's not going to soothe them, nor probably even torture them for a long time yet.

right now, she wants to 'tickle' me.

my tongue finds her dirtiest places and starts to flicker around them as my wet lips suckle so hotly and vibrate for her with every touch. i know my hot tears pressing against her thighs are pleasing her, mixing with her juices. her fingernails respond, doing little semi-circles at the base of my armpits before gliding up the outer edges near my shoulders and back down to the center, taking so very, very, long. my golden body glistens. i can't see it anymore, but i know what i must look like. she purrs and cums from my tonguing skills. i've been trained to tongue here there for hours so that she can enjoy my begging more thoroughly. i feel her hot juices splash against my neck and she caresses me in reward down my sides with a single fingernail tip taking a whole minute to reach my naked armpits as i shudder and try so hard to accept without moving, but it does no good. my nipples and clit are stretched and tortured even as i try to stay as still as i can.

'the beauty is, slave...that after this kind of training, your armpits will be so sensitive for days afterwards. that means that tomorrow will be even harder for you to bear.' she smiles to herself as the implication of her cruel words make my mouth soften even more and give her pleasure. she feels me breaking.

her fingernails glide back up and i feel the second surprise - they're starting to heat up as well. i sob as i scream, tonguing her deeply as they are now light bulb hot against my naked skin. she flickers those tips again, letting them brush my sensitive flesh as my tongue buries even deeper, hoping to pleasure her enough that she might finally give me mercy. but she knows exactly what my tongue is begging for.

'oh really are so naughty, little one. you know what happens to slaves who beg for mercy, don't you? begging for mercy means that you - a slave, an object - wish to tell me - your mistress and personal owner - what i should be enjoying. that makes you guilty, slave. that makes you guilty of trying to impede upon my personal rights, slave. that simply isn't allowed, is it? what should a slave beg for when she receives torture, slave?' she asks rhetorically.

her fingernails rake slowly around the edges of my armpits and slowly back up the center to sizzle against my sweat droplets. each droplet feeling like a biting little red ant against my trembling skin. but i know she doesn't expect an answer with words. i suckle deeply and moan and sob, my tongue buried deeper inside, curling up and tasting the dirty scat deep inside, all those hot dirty juices leaking down my tongue into my loving mouth.

'that's right slave...she begs for more torture, not less, slave.' she whispers to me, caressing my breasts for a moment, so close to my tormented nipples. 'but you haven't...learned...that lesson yet....have you, slave?' she says absentmindedly as her fingernails trace around my stretched nipples, her voice so sweet and patient, like a teacher. i cry out in pain as i feel them sparking against my skin and searing hot pain so intimately given and so delicate. one fingernail tip lightly slides through the pincer tips to gently and lovingly caress my nipple tips as i explode in pain and orgasm so deeply.

my body trembles so hard, trying to remain the way i am, but i fail every time.

'yes, i can see that you haven't quite learned yet, i'm going to take my time today, slave. i have all day, after all...slave....and melissa is entertaining traci as we speak. so why don't we just spend some time together here and i can explore your body for several hours to come? and if you're good...'

she pauses and makes little circles in my sensitive center pits, letting those words sink in...

'...i'll actually torture you instead of tickle you later on...slave.'

i orgasm.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Submission is Happiness

Hello and thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to contributing in the future and even have a few pictures I'd like to add. Isn't it wonderful that we have a place to share the beauty of our submission with those who are like us, and those who are interested in what we have to say?
Here's to slave girls just like us and the wonderful Masters and Mistresses who allow us to gift them with our willing slavery.


Thursday, July 29, 2004


a full week of torture is hard, even on a perfectly trained slave girl. so i'm allowed comfort...slave sister comfort.

naked, slathered with cum and sweat and even piss from everyone i've served and begged, i'm put in a small cage for the night. just bars in every direction and overhead. high enough to kneel in and a soft mattress on the floor. inside is a slave sister. tan, smooth, light red stripes covering her bare naked skin, just like me.

she's beautiful.

her slave collar and cuffs on her ankles and wrists match mine and we aren't allowed anything else. if we want to drink or feed, a hanging dildo is set above for us to suckle fresh cum from - girl and guy cum mixed together. that's all we get....and our own cum too.

i shiver. the cage is so small that, kneeling, my nipples touch hers. i can feel those hot droplets of sweat trickling off her nipples to mine as i look into her shame-filled eyes and smell her arousal leaking from between her smooth tight thighs. those eyes, like mine, filled with so many hot and dirty and shameful thoughts. we both know we're hot for our slavery, how much we love much we want to touch each other right now and kiss and taste each other in slave comforting.

some dirty cum has leaked down the corner of her perfect mouth to her little chin and splashed on her breasts. it makes her look like a slut. it makes me look like a slut too. but then, we are sluts.

we blush at the same time, our golden tan cheeks burning bright red, but we can't really look away. there is nowhere to look, and our feelings and emotions and thoughts are naked to each other.

it feels so intimate and so close.

i reach out to her softly and suckle her lips so tenderly. i taste the scat and piss and cum and her own taste there...and the tastes of other slave girls from the cocks she serviced as she tastes the same on me. our tongues slide in and out of our mouths, licking hotly and tease-tickling with our moans and whimpers, so eager. my hand trembles as it reaches for her perfect tan arm and caresses her gently while my other hand slides between her thighs as i scoot over and press my own thigh to her smooth and quivering pussy, feeling her juices leak out over my naked skin while my pussy does the same to her thigh.

it feels so good. so right. so delicious. our slippery smooth breasts slide over each other as we nuzzle and kiss and fuck so softly. my hands slide down her smooth back, playing with the dirty hot cum over her hot skin as she does the same to me. sometimes we break our kiss and stare deep into each other's eyes, but we don't say a word. we know what we're thinking. we both know we're slave girls finding comfort so deeply with the only things we have to comfort with. sometimes our wrist cuffs touch and we blush, reminded even more of what we are. foreheads touching and looking into her eyes, she slides a perfectly skilled fingertip lightly around my sensitive anus, smoothing the cum that leaks from it from being used there just recently. her other hand touches my cheek as she suckles my bottom lip in little wet sucklings. and then she slides a finger inside and gently caresses so intimately. my fingers find her entrance as well and we keep rubbing our pussies against each other's thighs, feeling so good. our free hands touch our welts...smoothing hot cum over them. soothing, so soothing now and so close. little gasps fill the air. slave girl love.

we orgasm at the same time - fresh hot thick honey splashing against our bodies, mingling like our tongues again with our panting, bodies slipping over each other so smoothly as we explore and caress. then, she pulls her finger out from my dirty anus and puts it to my eager lips as she looks into my eyes. i don't even glance...i know what is all over it. i take it into my mouth and suckle softly, tasting myself as i give her my finger. it is so beautiful. it tastes so dirty but i love it now. i see her flushing and moaning with the taste as she looks into my eyes. she wouldn't have it any other way, just like me.

and then, we kiss again, sharing more tastes, sharing our most intimate tastes and secrets. slave girls don't have secrets from each other. not ever. our bodies and souls are naked to each other even more than to our owners. it tastes so hot and delicate at the same time, just like her taste. i slide my arms around her shoulders, my golden biceps touching her smooth cheeks so intimately, my breasts teasing over hers with my gasping from such a hot cum as she slips her wrists to the small of my back and nuzzles me and whispers:

'hi name is traci. what's yours, sister?'

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Cock Cleaning Duty

i'm kneeling and my ankles are chained apart so that my smoothly shaved pussy is exposed. my wrists are chained above my head to the wall, a leather pillow pressing against my shoulderblades to stretch me tightly.

i'm on cock cleaning duty and being trained to love the dirty taste of a used cock after it has been up one of my slave sister's tight little ass. it's like this:

a circular clip crushes the tip of my clit, pushing back the clit hood. from that clip, a long needle slides into my clit lengthwise and the clip is chained to the floor, stretching and torturing my clit so hard. there is no mercy. a set of tight alligator clips crush my hard nipples, aroused and engorged. they are attached to a chain which is too short as it threads up through my D-ring in my slave collar, lifting up my breasts and torturing my nipples with their weight so that every movement, every breath, every shudder makes my breasts pull hard and heavily at my nipples.

the clit clip is electrified, sizzling with sparks which make me scream through my O-ring gagged mouth as i cry. the torture is so intimate there, my clit throbbing so hotly as my pussy quivers and cums on it's own, over and over again. it doesn't end. it lasts all night long while the orgy goes on.

the only time it stops is when somebody stands before my mouth with a filthy scatslicked and cumslicked cock. they stand on a pressure pad which turns off the electric shocks so that while i suck on a filthy cock, or used pussy or anus...i have some mercy.

being O-ring gagged, i can only tongue. suckling is so much faster to get rid of the taste. tonguing takes as long as finishing a lollipop with my tongue tip. it prolongs the dirty and humiliating taste which i slowly come to love. dirty means mercy...and that's something i need. my clit is burning as brightly as my hot cheeks as i lick gently around, trying to prolong the taste and humiliation for i know, as soon as i'm done, that torment will begin again.

soon, my mouth begs a cock to stay, even when they are finished. i don't have to speak and i can't anyway, but my tongue and eyes look up and say it all: stay a little longer here, please...piss in my mouth if you wish...i'll drink it...i'll suckle it all down so lovingly but please stay with your cock in my mouth. i'll be your dirty little slave girl just if you stay with your cock for me, please...

sometimes they stay and they drain themselves in my mouth. if i'm lucky...they will use me for a hot and slow blowjob which i learn to make last so much longer now, desperate for lengthy tongue-play. i nuzzle and i whimper around their cock as they use me, thanking them for the humiliation if only they would stay a little longer.

but they always leave after a while. they stroke my tear-stained cheek gently, and my soft platinum blonde hair, and pull out of my mouth as i sob and make a last desperate attempt to coax them back with my tongue.

and then the clit torture starts up again, more cruel every time because it is more sensitive every single time. sometimes, they'll stand right before the edge of the pad, putting their cock tip to my squealing and whimpering and gasping mouth as i desperately try to coax them with my tongue tip on their cock tip...and they grin at me and how hard i try, but then they walk away, teasing me with the promise of merciful abasement.

and so i suffer the entire night. and the rest of the week.

seven days later, if my mouth isn't suckling on dirty cocks or pussies or even used anal clit feels such intimate pain and cruelty that i beg for my mouth to be put to use.

and i love it now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


i'm a pitslave.

that may sound weird but it's true. it's what i enjoy. it's what my pitmistress enjoys.

what's a pitslave, you ask? it's a slave with an armpit fetish. it means that i love my armpits to be naked, exposed, vulnerable, my wrists chained above my head. and then the kiss of the whip, or the teasing caress of a cruel fingertip, or a hot or electric needle, or a tongue tip licking or soft lips suckling, or a cock fucking and splashing hot cum, or clips torturing me there...for hours, making my underarms so sensitive. it makes me feel so naked. you know that naked feeling you get when you are naked and when the side of your arm touches the side or your breast so intimately? or when you know that at any moment, anyone can touch your naked body and make you helplessly squirm in your chains, make you sweat and cum from just the thought of it. it means i'm naked and so helpless that i feel my slavery all the way through my soul.

that's what a pitslave is. it's a fetish, but it's part of my slavery and part of what defines being a slave girl for me. it's partly a humiliation, and an exposure about how deeply a slave i am.

it makes me *purr*.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Greetings, Sisters

I thought I would take a moment to say hello to everyone, both sisters and the curious Masters/Mistresses that will likely come for curious visits in the near future.

Thank you, savanna, for creating this blog, and thank you to all my sisters who come to share their stories and thoughts. This should prove most enjoyable.


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Welcome, Sisters

welcome to your new home, sisters. this is where slave girls can share fantasies or slave experiences (hard and soft). please be aware that it can get *very* graphic and kinky in here. some may have fetishes which are totally out there, but that's all in a slave girl's experience. feel totally free to post whatever you like and you can keep yourself completely anonymous, sisters.


slave savanna.